Work Uninterrupted Beneath a Sturdy Roof

Work Uninterrupted Beneath a Sturdy Roof

Layer a new roof over your old roof deck for more stability

You don't want your old roof collapsing in the middle of the workday. Fix holes and rejuvenate your roof in one easy move by getting re-roofing services. Gold Star Roofing LLC can cover up your aging roof with proven, top quality materials that won't leak and leave your roof looking brand new.

In extreme cases where the roofing material has been ruined, we can tear everything down to the decking and start over with brand-new surfacing. Is your roof rubber? We can coat it in spray foam to seal out moisture and wind.

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How do you know when you need a roof replacement?

It can be difficult to distinguish when you need a full roof replacement and when you just need re-roofing or repairs. We'll evaluate your roof and figure it out from there. Generally, you'll need a whole new roof if you notice:

  • Large holes in the roof
  • Rising heating and cooling bills

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